Striving 2 Thrive combines strength assessments with individualized follow-up to create roadmaps for success. Because of its unmatched insight into human performance and natural gifting, we utilize the Kolbe Wisdom™ and assessments as the basis for our programs and solutions. Our ultimate goal is to not only identify, but also validate a person’s natural way of creating solutions and solving problems to help them thrive.

The Assessments

At the core of our programs are Kolbe Assessments, which have a 50-year track record and offer an entirely different insight into human performance than anything else in the marketplace. There are a number of assessments targeted to specific individuals including employees and students. These assessments, strengthened by our personalized solutions and instruction, help individuals, employees and students capitalize on areas of natural strength. Contact us to find out how to take your assessment online, get one-on-one coaching and be on the path to greater fulfillment.