Helping Businesses

With our business demanding more expedient, focused and effective efforts, we needed to develop a more efficient and agile management team. We also needed to improve communication among team members.

In partnering with Kelli Gift and using Kolbe, each employee was able to pinpoint and focus on their individual inherent skills and contributions. It was enlightening to see which skills come most naturally to each of us and are ultimately most useful to the organization and to our own well-being. Kelli also enlightened and gave us perspective on the inner-workings of the group.

Kelli’s highly nuanced insights and expertise were invaluable in helping us move to a place of acceptance and understanding when engaging with different work styles. In the end, we all work better and smarter as a team, understanding our individual strengths and how they contribute to the team and organization as a whole.

Grace Newman
Marketing Director, Connolly Music

Helping Individuals and Families

I felt that my son was lacking motivation to make some changes in his work-life – he was just comfortable where he was and unsure how to make changes or even where he would be best suited. I could see his potential but I wasn’t sure if he saw it within himself. I knew that with me pointing out his potential and what I saw in him was “just mom telling me." Therefore, I sought out a third party who, with a proven system, would objectively be able to show him his strengths and how to use them to find fulfillment and happiness in his work. Kelli used the Kolbe test and met with him to review the results. The results were extraordinary.

My son has had such a boost in confidence after receiving his results with Kelli. He not only felt empowered and positive but he had a direction to start moving towards regarding his career. The results showed everything I saw in him and more.

I also found it extremely helpful because I can now see how he approaches the world. I can communicate with him in ways that make a difference instead of the ways that I would do things myself.

This entire process has made a huge difference for him personally and for our family.

Lori Miller
Parent and Licensed Massage Therapist